The Magic Gang packaging process

We have taken a long time to find the right balance with our packaging! It has been quite hard at times. I fundamentally believe that something that arrives in the post should look and feel amazing, and when it does, the person receiving that package feels special. If our t-shirts just arrived in a plastic bag, not only would it be contrary to our brand values, it would also be just another plastic bag.

We wanted to create, craft something that struck the balance between feeling special, well thought through and handmade. We are not a factory pumping out thousands of t-shirts a day, so our packaging should reflect that. We are not a company that wants to buy the cheapest supplies and sell them for a profit, we are asking people to support us long term, so we need to be responsible. As a result all of our packaging is recycled. Our Postcards and Swing Tags are made from 100% recycled 470mic Kraft board and our packaging wraps are made from recycled corrugated board.

We wanted to use tissue inside, but on reflection felt that we were going to all the effort of using recycled products to then contradict ourselves by using bleached white luxury tissue paper (cheap tissue paper is a waste!!) So forgive us, the t-shirts are not wrapped in lovely tissue paper but we have all helped save the planet!

Have a look below at a few pictures of the preparation of our packaging.

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